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Sammy Millwood is an embroidery artist working from her home studio on the Isle of Wight. Her art practice explores online presentations of femininity and sexuality, embracing a distinct new form of self-portraiture visible on social media. She aims to translate internet culture through the medium of embroidery, embracing its history of shared women’s cultural production. Through the appropriation of cannonised images, her work allows for a distinctly feminist confrontation with art history’s lack of representation. 

Sammy grew up on the island and has moved back to enjoy the more relaxed pace of life and closeness to nature. She graduated from Kingston University in 2017 with an Undergraduate Degree in Fine Art and has been creating embroidery art ever since discovering and falling in love with the artform in her final year. The majority of her degree, Sammy spent her time learning about women's art and feminist art, and wrote her dissertation with the title of "From My Bedroom To Yours: how selfies and social media has transformed women's contemporary self-representation".

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